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The Semi-Sad Story of an Untimely Departure, or My 2-Weeks’ Notice

[Author’s note: this post originally went unpublished, as my return was meant to be a surprise for mis amigos de Lucha Libre Volcánica]

Dear Mexico,

So…here we are: 6 weeks in. It has been an amazing 6 weeks to be sure, but due to some unforeseen–and poorly planned against–hardships, I am must terminate our current living arrangement until further notice. This is, unfortunately, due to my less-than-stellar current financial situation, and although life with you is quite inexpensive, I have found it difficult to make a living with you. But do not worry!–it is not you, it’s me

…because, well, I don’t speak Spanish very well, which severely limits my job prospects.

Really though, this is the primary reason. I mean, I do miss my dog–although there are plenty roaming the streets here to keep my company. And the week in bed with food poisoning was a bit rough. And occasionally the communication gaps are both frustrating and exhausting. But at the end of the day, I have simply run out my livelihood options.

All in all, I think we had a good run: prisons, fiestas, one terrible ring, but always an amazing crowd. I think we really do have a future together, so consider this a break. Before I can commit to you–to us–I have some things that I need to complete back home with Lucha Libre Volcánica. Oh, and next time I will bring more money…promise.

I will see you soon; cuidate mucho,

El Fénix

P.S.: Dear Pacific Northwest, you are not ready.

5 thoughts on “The Semi-Sad Story of an Untimely Departure, or My 2-Weeks’ Notice”

  1. Gracias fenix este mexico es tu casa fue un placer y un gusto enorme haberte conocido pues en el tiempo que estubiste en el taller y en mi mexico lindo y querido nos la pasamos muy bien .

  2. quiero para tu a continua buena suerte en su “vocation.” creo que es importante! vd. es mooooooy enteresante y su aventuras y cuentos o historias son buenos!

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