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Filming With Ken Jennings, Also Known As the “I Plugged All of My Friends in This Post” Post.

I recently did a lengthy video shoot with Ken Jennings–of Jeopardy fame–for the iOS game Trivia Death Match with Ken Jennings. Admittedly I didn’t know who Ken Jennings was when I was first approached about the video shoot, but as it turns out he’s kind of a big deal, especially in and around his hometown of Seattle. He’s also a remarkably nice guy, and hilarious on camera.

A flex-off with Ken Jennings, who admittedly had some pretty awesome gear.

More photos from both photo shoots can be found on my Facebook page.

We worked with Kris Kristensen & Ryan Worsley of Scotopia Pictures, and the video was co-produced by our good friend Kathy Ramos, all of whom were kind enough to trade my time on camera for a sweet, sweet promo video for Lucha Libre Volcánica. I will share a link as soon as the video is finished. We are also fortunate enough to have donated music from the Binary Cumbia Orchestra as a soundtrack for the promo! Yay for collaborative projects!

Upon doing a Google search for “collaboration,” this image came up on the first page of results, which to me is merely a nonsensical image of babies. Just thought I’d share.

In similar news, later this month we will be doing a photo shoot with photographer Jimmy Bazan, who has photographed the likes of Macklemore, & my friend El Vez. In addition to standard promo shots, a handful of other luchadors and myself will be starring in a storied series of photos that will chronicle El Fénix returning from a night out with his lady friend to an unfortunate surprise upon entering her house to meet the family. I won’t spoil the rest, but both the photo shoot and the photos promise to be awesome. More info and a link will follow.

Elsewhere, I have also been considering starting a podcast to highlight regional, perhaps lesser-known creative endeavors. Through being involved in the process of creating promotional videos, and through my own experience in performance, I often find myself intrigued by creative folks that seemingly strive to create for its own sake. Thus I would not only be fulfilling my own desire for knowledge, but would also be able to share the works of others with the world via podcast. Feedback, comments, and ideas will not only be tolerated, but are welcomed in the comments section below.

Hasta pronto!

PS: Lucha Libre Volcánica has opened up a online store!

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