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Photos with Jimmy: Outtakes and Behind the Scenes

We had the pleasure last week of doing a photo session with Los Angeles-based photographer Jimmy Bazan. Our session included a series of singles, group shots, and a few actions shots. We had originally planned to create a story-style shoot, but due to weather and a few last-minute changes, we opted for a slightly-more traditional series. But enough talk, take a gander!

More images from the session can be found on Lucha Volcánica’s Facebook page. Also note that the images below were not taken by Jimmy; I will share the images from Jimmy as soon as he sends over the final shots.

While not visible in this image, you should know that the red shirt pictured here has rhinestones on it.
Because: awesome.
At the Seattle Center.
At the Seattle Center.
In front of the Duwamish River.
In front of the Duwamish River.
Of note: the razor wire, which signifies just how hardcore we are.
In South Park.
Silly kid.
Cromo shows off his alternate mask.
Keepin' it real.
If I had my way, I’d wear tracksuits everyday.
This is how *we* roll.
This is how *we* roll.
Ya' hurd.
Strollin’ in style.
Flying. Again.
Catching a plancha from Corazón de Aguila

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