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The Post-Championship Post (And Chasing AAA Dreams)

At Lucha Libre in the Park on Saturday August 17th 2013, I completed one of the goals that I had set for myself when I first started lucha libre: to become the Pacific Northwest Lucha Libre Champion. I was corned by my good friend La Avispa, and was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to perform with my longtime colleague in the ring, El Hero. Despite all of the bruises and various kicks through which I suffered, we both feel good about the show we put on, and if nothing else, it was an awesome learning experience for both of us. In addition to all of my hard work, I know that my colleagues are partially responsible for this honor, and I cannot express how grateful I am that they trust me enough to give me a shot at the regional lucha libre title. To my fellow luchadores: I promise to make good on this reward that you have bestowed upon me. However our work has only just begun: for we are a young troupe, all of us luchadores from Lucha Volcánica must continue to work in the ring to become as spectacular as possible in a continued effort to share lucha libre with the Pacific Northwest, myself included.

Furthermore for myself, on September 14th I will be visiting my friends at Pro Wrestling Revolution in San Jose California to tryout for AAA. Tryouts will include a promo, and 1-2 matches in front of a panel of judges. My understanding is that only one individual from the tryouts will be invited to an “extended tryout,” which will consist of one dark match at a AAA show. Generally speaking I am compelled merely to create and perform, but as an athlete I am also driven to perform as the highest level possible, and I believe that AAA will provide the outlet for both of these drives. Therefore I rested only the day following Lucha Libre in the Park, and I am now escalating my training regiment to maximize my performative capacity for September 14th. I’ll be blogging and possibly podcasting from the road, so stick around for updates.

Speaking of podcast, now that we’ve completed our summer show in South Park Seattle, I’ll start recording said podcasts. Stay tuned for the premier, as well as a short list of upcoming guests.

Those who are curious about Lucha Libre in the Park can find pictures here. I created a few Zoes with my HTC One, which can be found here. Video to follow.

Woot woot!
After the show.

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