We ordered 6 beers 1 hour before the show. Yep.
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Back in the States: Photos and a Lucha Volcánica Anniversary Show

I’ve officially been back in the states for a week now, and despite traveling for a little over two weeks, it was actually a pretty quiet trip. I previously talked about the AAA tryouts in San Jose, and I spent the subsequent week in Austin before going to Mexico City for a little over a week. My time in Austin was largely spent relaxing with my family, and the following week in Mexico City was spent doing just the same with my friends Sepulcro (a seasoned and well-known luchador), Miguel (an internationally-known mask and boot maker), and their respective families.

During my previous trip to Mexico, I was so focused on training, that I simply did not take much time to relax and chat with my new friends. Furthermore because of my desire to train, I often felt guilty when I was not training. As I may or may not have mentioned in my first post about training lucha libre in Mexico, I was training six days per week, including: two-a-days on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, in addition to training once, sometimes twice, on Tuesday and Thursday. Oh, and I also trained on Saturday afternoon. Although I still trained twice and hit the gym every day for weights, I made a point to just spent time hanging out with my friends—which of course included one trip to Arena Mexico with my good friend Erick.

We ordered 6 beers 1 hour before the show. Yep.
Pre-gaming for CMLL’s show on September 27th.

As a result of a night out and, well, a drink or two, we ended up snagging this sweet, sweet poster off of a wall near Arena Mexico:

This might be getting out of control
A luchador’s *other* workspace.

More pictures of my time in Mexico can be found on my Instagram.

Now, to stateside: Lucha Libre Volcánica will be celebrating their 3rd anniversary this year! And what better way to celebrate an anniversary than with a lucha libre show in Seattle?

Lucha Libre Volcánica will be having an event in Kings Hall on November 24th at 3pm! I do not have many details to share just yet, but I can say that I might be fortunate enough to team up with one of the newest additions to the Pacific Northwest’s lucha libre scene, El Mensajero. Stay tuned to Lucha Libre Volcánica’s Facebook page for more details. 

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