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The “End of the Year” Post: Onward Towards 2014

In the spirit of expected tradition, I spent some time over the past few days reflecting on 2013. However because I am not one to dwell on retrospective, I almost immediately shifted my thoughts to the coming year, as in the future lies only potentiality.

Thus, I am going to use this opportunity to discuss what the first few months will hold for me, for Lucha Volcánica, and—by extension—some of you lucha libre fans alike.

A flex-off with Ken Jennings after shooting a promo video, May 2013.

Lucha Libre Volcánica is on the cusp of producing a regular bi-monthly show at Kings Hall in South Seattle: This will not only be an excellent opportunity for the company, but will also help pave the way for lucha libre in the Pacific Northwest. Since I recently tried out for AAA to no avail, this will give me a further incentive to stick around Seattle to help establish a lucha libre scene, a task that I had recently all but abandoned. Unfortunately pursuing these regular shows may also put Lucha Volcánica in an unideal business arrangement with a subpar media production company, but more on that later this January.

Woot woot!
After my PNW Lucha Libre Championship victory over Hero. August 2013.

We will be shooting video for a short promo/documentary during the entire month of January: I may not have mentioned this previously, but I have been approached more than once by production companies, who expressed interest creating some variety of reality show on either myself or Lucha Volcánica. Such interest inspired me to take on the challenge to shoot and produce a short video about our journey as a small company, while specifically looking forward towards Lucha de Sound as our big stage. I’ll be sharing more info here as it develops. But on the note of Lucha de Sound…

Keepin' it real.
At the Seattle Center. Photo by Jimmy Bazan, 2013.

Lucha de Sound III is scheduled for March 29th at the University of Puget Sound: What merely started as our attempt to establish an annual show, has become possibly become the largest lucha libre show on the West Coast. Last year, we drew over 1500 fans from the Puget Sound area, and raised around $5000 for the University’s Latino scholarship fund. There has been talk of inviting talent from Mexico or Southern California to shake things up, but I cannot confirm any names just yet. I’ll definitely be writing more about Lucha de Sound soon, but follow Lucha Volcánica on Facebook for the latest info.

We ordered 6 beers 1 hour before the show. Yep.
Pre-gaming in Mexico City before a lucha show, September 2013.

El Fénix is going back to Mexico for a week in January: Which means that I’ll be training my ass off, going to las luchas, and hanging out with some familiar faces. I’ll also be bringing along the little neophyte, La Avispa, who will be visiting Mexico for her first time! Follow me here and on Instagram for photos and notes from Mexico.

Check out that sexy red robe...
Entering the ring during a Lucha Volcánica show: November 2013.

I’m keeping it short for now, but I’m looking forward to getting back to regular posts again after the holidays. Happy New Year!

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