All Politics is Local II: Going Public

Just thought I’d share a few links:

La Avispa and myself at the capitol with some constituents (Courtesy of Komo News).

Again (Courtesy of King 5 News).

Personal interview with local NPR affiliate, KUOW. 

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  1. Reblogged this on "Jump Higher!" and commented:
    Due to HB 2753, which proposes changes to legislation regulating professional wrestling, lucha libre has been in the media quite a bit recently here in Washington state. My friend and fellow luchador, El Fénix, has been very actively promoting HB2573 and shared a few links to recent interviews on his blog. Oh… and I’m briefly in one of them.

  2. Uncle Bob says:

    So what was the final outcome of the bill. Did it get passed?

    1. El Fénix says:

      Sadly, it made it all the way to the State Senate, but was never put up for a vote and thus is effectively tabled until 2015. Alas.

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