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Misogygy: Burn it with Fire

When Misogyny Meets Resistance: Cower, Duck, & Run, Or “Women Are Here for Dude’s Pleasure So You Should Be Pretty to Me.”

"Jump Higher!"

15626558_950674051732770_2826487511089358400_o A current photo of me and my armpit hair, courtesy of the talented Scott Foster.

I only shave one thing: the side of my head.

Which means I have armpit hair.

Some people hardly notice, others simply don’t care. Then there are some folks, like this gem of a human, who seem to see any woman with armpit hair as nothing more than a walking tuft of underarm fuzz with an ass. (Hm… anyone want to Google “objectification” and report back on the results?)

first-offenseNever mind the fact that the ambulatory armpit fuzz in question just spent 15+ minutes in a wrestling ring dropkicking, chopping, and generally flying all over its opponents with a good deal of competence. Nope, that’s inconsequential. ARMPIT. HAIR. ON A WOMAN. GUYS. THAT’S GROSS. 

Let’s start here. Misogyny and sexism are never ok. It is unacceptable to bag on anyone for their presentation of gender…

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