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At the Seattle Center: Courtesy of Jimmy Bazan, 2013

RE: Ave Rex

     Ave (ä′vā) interjection.

     hail; an expression of welcome.

     Rex (rɛks; Eng. rɛks) noun.


Ave Rex (Formerly El Fénix) is a luchador from Tacoma Washington. He was trained by Maestro José Luis Gómez, and debuted in August 2011 with Seattle-based company Lucha Libre Volcánica. In 2012 he spent two months performing in Mexico, and training with maestros Pequeño Pierroth & Sepulcro. In the future Ave Rex intends to use his observations from the ring to contribute to a Master’s Thesis, and hopes to start a nonprofit to teach lucha libre and physical fitness to under-served youth.

...kicks ass and takes names later
Preparing to lock up with his Profesor, El Peligro: Lucha de Sound 2012

RE: The Blog

I started this blog to chronicle, categorize, and collect my adventures and thoughts in and around the ring as a professional luchador. Aside from personal memoirs and recording experiences through media, this blog—when relevant—will expound a series of observations and lessons learned about the subjectivity, objectification and performative constraints upon the body of luchador/as with respect to various expressions of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, and the intersections therein. In part such observations will serve to extend my undergraduate thesis, which illustrated how national identity constraints and shapes expressions of ab/normativity in pop culture, titled (de)Constructing A Real American, or What 24 Inch Pylons, a Vitamin, and a Prayer Taught Me About American Identity. 

Although for the most part, I will try to only to write about lucha libre. 🙂

Flying to the outside: Lucha de Sound 2014 — Tacoma, WA

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  1. betunada says:

    well, then, one can hardly wait for your Graduate thesis !

    1. El Fénix says:

      Well, I will be applying for the Fall of 2014, so I wouldn’t hold your breath just yet…

  2. Hermes says:

    Amazingly insightful and thought-provoking blog. Although action-packed with incredible and awe inspiring acrobatics and skill, I’ve always viewed luchador wrestling as containing rather one-dimensional characters.(This guy is crazy, that’s it, whereas this other guy takes on the aspects of an eagle, etc) Your blog, in it’s execution, is really opening my eyes as to error in my thinking – which I can admit was due to ignorance on my part. I’ve always been a devout follower of American wrestling, however, I am becoming more and more intrigued with Lucha and the whole culture and tradition surrounding it. You have a new fan here!

    1. Ave Rex says:

      Hey, thanks! I totally understand the seemingly one-dimensionality of lucha libre, especially coming from a background in American pro. I had the same impression until I started training and performing, an experience that I try to share here.

      If you’re looking for performatively interesting matches/luchadores with more complex characters, check out Rush, La Sombra (Specifically Rush vs La Sombra, 2014), Negro Casas, Volador Jr., and Maximo. Thanks again for reading, and let me know what you think if you get to check out some lucha!

  3. betunada says:

    no, no story (except my seemingly never-ending disaster pseudo-epics) — but am glad to see “you’re back” and i’ll read (and no doubt, enjoy) your chronicles ~~

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