It’s Complicated: Relationships In and Out of the Ring

Social complexity is at the very foundation of lucha libre, wherein partners and rivals, enemies and friends, are often one in the same. The fact that rudos and technicos may not actually hate each other is not revelatory. However the relationships between luchadors both in and out of the ring are significantly more complicated than many…

Duality and Identity: Some Notes

In theatre the principal goal of an actor is to perform as another person on a stage in such a way that becomes believable to the audience—to become another person via performance. Such is also common in movies and TV, of course. However in lucha libre, such is always not the case. Despite external forces…

Búsqueda de Familia: The Semi-Personal Post

During my senior year of college, I applied for the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, which required–amongst other things–a lengthy personal statement. I later adapted large portions of this  statement into a short memoir that was published in Arches Magazine in 2012.

A Brief and Unnecessary Defense of Lucha Libre as Art – Part I

This blog has generally been dedicated to the sharing of various events in my life as a luchador, from shows and publicity events to fiestas. For those of you who have read the “about” section of this blog, you may well be aware that my intent was also to have a sort of cultural studies…

Mexico: Week One

It is the end of my first week in Mexico: here are a few un-insightful things about it.