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Photos with Jimmy: Outtakes and Behind the Scenes

We had the pleasure last week of doing a photo session with Los Angeles-based photographer Jimmy Bazan. Continue reading “Photos with Jimmy: Outtakes and Behind the Scenes”

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2013: Lucha de Sound and Beyond

As is evidenced from my first batch of posts, 2012 was a big year for El Fénix. After 2-months, 4 shows, and countless hours of training in Mexico, I am now back with my family at Lucha Libre Volcánica preparing for one of our largest annual shows: Lucha de Sound. 2012 marks the second year in which we will be invading the University of Puget Sound, in a diversity event which we began to simultaneously melt-faces with awesomeness, and increase the visibility of the Latino population and culture on the University’s campus. As an alum of UPS, Lucha de Sound special significance for me, as it enabled me to perform in front of colleagues and professors during my senior year of college. Furthermore the show was a resounding success: we drew over 500 fans from all over Tacoma and the surrounding communities.

While certain elements of the show are still in the works, I can currently confirm that El Fénix will be teaming up with longtime contemporary Corazón del Águila, against seasoned veterans X-Man and Prófugo. It is also noteworthy that current UPS student La Avispa will also be debuting this year, marking not only the debut of LLV’s first luchadora, but the debut of the first luchadora in the Pacific Northwest as well. The LLV gym is already starting to buzz with nervous energy as we begin rolling forward into 2013.

We will be posting regular updates as the show develops, along with intermittent updates on the upcoming nonprofit project, of which I can now share some details. Lucha Libre Volcánica will be meeting with a nonprofit lawyer in this month to determine the feasibility of a fitness-based, community gym/lucha libre facility in the South Park neighborhood of south Seattle–a community that is also home to our annual Lucha Libre en la Calle show. At a recent meeting of South Park Service Providers, we received the verbal support of other community organizers to move forward, as well as explicit confirmation that LLV would be providing a much needed service to the largely underserved area. I will share more information as we move forward with this exciting project.

More to come! Feliz año nuevo a todos mis amigos!